About David Deyo

David was born and grew up in Ohio, which he often jokes is a great place to be from. His interests were varied, including science fiction, poetry, movies, and physics. Initially, when he attended Kent State University his goal was to major in physics. Instead, he went to a technical school where he finished a degree in electronic engineering technology. In 1984, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began a long career in technical writing and training.

Developing technical content often required production of associated art, usually simple diagrams, which David began to produce himself with guidance and feedback from graphic designers where he worked. So David's design education began long before he ever got the idea to make that a career focus.

But as computers made doing various kinds of digital art accessible, David began to dabble in 3D modeling and rendering. In the process of enjoying what initially amounted to a hobby, he began through trial and error to learn the mechanics of composition.

As he began to embark on his own creative projects and ventures, David turned to his experience in computer graphics to produce the different designs that he required. This was something he did to learn more about design as well as to be self sufficient. Without realizing it, David had become an amateur designer. He didn't think of himself as a designer because of a misplaced belief that one had to have finished a design degree to be a designer.

The turning point came when he was working for an interactive television software company in Portland, Oregon. Having decided to go back to school and finish a degree, David used the occasion to formalize his understanding of design with basic coursework in color theory and design. Not only did he find the classes very interesting and enjoyable, he received consistently high grades from all his instructors. That was when he understood that it was the doing of design, which he'd been doing independently, and not a diploma that made one a designer.

David still plans to complete his design degree, embracing the value of education in growing his skills and understanding. He has a portfolio of over 200 digital renderings and has designed his own deck of Tarot cards. In addition, he is a budding photographer with a special passion for architectural images and the study of line and form. More recently, as another outgrowth of the professional work he has done developing training content, he has also become an avid fan of producing video.

To provide outlets for his creativity, David created a banner company under the name TalisMedia. He also created and operates Chronal House, a web-based startup to offer content and products to people interested as he is in spirituality and metaphysics. He is the writer, producer, and host of a web-based television series on spiritual topics called The Temporal Reverie. David is a poet that has been published in various literary magazines.