Four illustrations of the same photographic subject at different levels of detail.
2012-08-30 22:18
Front side of a dust jacket for a book.
2011-11-07 12:30
Series of four compositions using circle and rectangle primitives to illustration emotional states.
2011-10-25 00:00
Illustration showing how to connect a coax splitter for your smart TV.
2011-10-30 14:00
Three portraits of men's faces based on photographs and created with Adobe Illustrator.
2012-08-30 11:15
Set of three ads for an imaginary travel agency that specializes in time travel.
2011-10-25 00:00
Promotional content for a special road race.
2011-11-03 11:40
Illustration of the remote control of the VioSphere Smart TV.
2011-11-03 11:40
Stylized diagrams illustrating object model relationships for developers.
2011-11-03 11:40